Frequently asked questions

FAQ’s for companies

What are "credits" and how do they work?

Cyberjin’s AI recruiting platform allows companies to quickly search, filter and identify qualified candidates for job openings across many public and private data sources, including LinkedIn. This allows you to find top AI-matched candidates across the world – whether they have responded to your open job postings or not.

Cyberjin’s AI search results will display basic candidate information, however “credits” can be used to unlock additional information such as the job-seekers resume and full profile and contact data (for candidates whose LinkedIn profile is “public only”).

Unlocking a candidate’s resume cost 3 credits. Unlocking a candidates full LinkedIn profile (including contact’s email address and phone number) costs 1 credit.  Each subscription plan comes with various credit levels and additional credit packs can be purchased (see additional FAQ questions below).

How long do credits last?

Cyberjin credits are permanent and do not expire. Credits are issued at the first of each month and will be added to unused credits from previous months. The amount of credits issues each month depends on which subscription plan you signed up for.

Can I purchase additional credits?

Yes! You can purchase additional credits at any time directly through a Cyberjin team member.  To do this, please schedule a short call with a team here:

What are "job slots" and how do they work?

Cyberjin’s AI recruiting platform allows you to post job openings directly through in the platform and sync them across various job boards (including LinkedIn). “Job slots” represent the total number of of job openings you can have posted on the platform at once.

Each subscription plan comes with various levels of job slots. If you want to post additional job openings, but have reached the limit of available job slots, you will need to either upgrade your subscription or retire a current job posting to free up a new job slot.

Does posting a job cost credits?

No. Posting a job opening on Cyberjin’s AI recruiting platform never costs credits.  However, each subscription plan comes with various levels of job postings allowed at one time.  See the previous FAQ question for more details on job slot allowances.

When will I be billed?

You will be billed at the begining of each billing cycle depending on whether you selected monthly or yearly billing.  At the beginning of each cycle, your payment method will be instantly charged, and credits will be made available to you.